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What is ClinTrial Refer?

ClinTrial Refer is a mobile app and website platform that makes it easy to search for suitable trials and locations for your patient.  The data in the platform comes directly from clinical trial sites so it is current and comprehensive.


Review key eligibility criteria, trial summary and recruiting location and site contact information. Access a growing number of trials across an expanding range of disciplines in Australia and overseas.


ClinTrial Refer is used by clinicians, study coordinators, researchers, study sponsors, patients and carers to find trials.

Why Use ClinTrial Refer?

Clinical Trials are a reliable scientific method to take discoveries from the laboratory bench to the bedside.  Clinical Trials allow the safety and efficacy of new interventions to be explored and are undertaken to test new methods of prevention, detection, screening and treatment of diseases. Clinical trials can offer a crucial treatment alternative to patients where current options are limited or there are none.


ClinTrial Refer provides a vital pathway to gain access to emerging and cutting edge therapies for your patients.


When to use ClinTrial Refer?

ClinTrial Refer is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The app is a tool instantly available in the clinicians’ pocket for review during clinic consultations, and in multidisciplinary team meetings, enabling appropriate trials to be considered for patients.  The website search portal also provides a great option for review during room consultations.

Search for clinical trials as part of reviewing standard of care treatment options.  Do a quick screening using the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Contact the site via the location page and allow the site to help you and your patient understand the requirements of the study.

ClinTrial Refer is free to download and to use for health care professionals, patients and carers. 

Website Search

You can search for clinical trials on the website using the “Search All” trials button which can be accessed on the homepage or here. 

If you are specifically  seeking ‘Healthy Volunteer’ studies or ‘COVID’ trials select these search options

Mobile App Or Tablet

Download ClinTrial Refer App now for mobile and tablet devices and start searching today. ClinTrial Refer is free to download from the apple app store and google play. 

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Want to Know More about how ClinTrial Refer works ?

Clinical User Stories


A/Prof Nada Hamad

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney “I use ClinTrial Refer in my clinic, in MDT meetings or in my downtime when I’m thinking about what options patients

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Dr Vinay Vangaru

Clinician- User of ClinTrial Refer “ClinTrial Refer allows me the ability to refer patients across to many different trials available both within our state as

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Dr James Lynam

“When the app was first released it allowed me to immediately search for relevant clinical trials and get the appropriate options within seconds.

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Dr Jeremy Hudson

Dr Jeremy Hudson Clinical Director, North Queensland Skin Centre MBChB, FRACGP, Advanced Certificate Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery, Advanced Certificate Dermoscopy (Distinction) SCCA “I deal

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