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ClinTrial Refer is a mobile app and website platform that provides unrivalled searchable access to connect with current clinical trials.  Review key eligibility criteria, trial summary and recruiting location and site contact information.  Access a growing number of trials across an expanding range of disciplines in Australia
and overseas.


ClinTrial Refer allows clinicians and researchers to connect and collaborate. It is an evidence-based recruitment tool supporting collegiality and reciprocity in cross-referral of patients.

ClinTrial Refer is used by study coordinators, researchers, study sponsors, patients and carers to find trials.


ClinTrial Refer’s digital footprint ensures current clinical trial information can be accessed by patients and clinicians including rural and remote communities.

Trials can be saved and easily shared with others to facilitate improved communication.

Searching for Trials

ClinTrial Refer can be used to easily search for clinical trials that match the patient’s health condition and disease specific factors.

Find trials using simple search filters such as:

• Discipline

• Sponsor

• Location

• Trial Status 


Reviewing Trials

ClinTrial Refer provides a summary of the type of
patients who are able to
join the trial and what the
trial involves.

Assess potential suitability
for trials by accessing:

  • Trial Lay Summary
  • Detailed Inclusion and Exclusion criteria

Accessing Trials

ClinTrial Refer provides visibility to trial locations and allows direct access to site contact information.


This improved access increases referral and recruitment.

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ClinTrial Refer is free to download and to use for health care professionals, patients and carers. 

Website Search

You can search for clinical trials on the website using the “Search All” trials button which can be accessed on the homepage or here. 

If you are specifically  seeking ‘Healthy Volunteer’ studies or ‘COVID’ trials select these search options

Mobile App Or Tablet

Download ClinTrial Refer App now for mobile and tablet devices and start searching today. ClinTrial Refer is free to download from the apple app store and google play. 

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